Mel S. Brooks Predictions for 2021

Recorded and published on December 31, 2020


Due to censorship, we are unable to post the video of Mel speaking on the topic. The text below is a transcript of the video Mel produced in 2020 about 2021. Mel's comments are about the general trends in 2021. If you have a particular question, please book a session with Mel.

2021. The Year When The Straws Break The Camel's Back

"January 2021.  I see Biden is announced the winner of the presidential election, but Trump has the votes. I see people uprising, storming the capital in peaceful protests, like in a peaceful revolt. Americans will turn against Americans. the COVID vaccine rolls out.

February 2021.  I see a lot of people losing jobs in one day, I am not sure how to interpret this, it is like somebody orders them to leave their jobs. The economy will take a hit. Prices rise. I see a surge of immigrants, children crying in the dark, sick people, people are being sold like cattle, people flocking to the United States from everywhere, or rather, they are being herded here like animals by criminals. Crime spreads on the streets. Inflation begins. We will see some reports about side effects from the covid vaccine. People are forced to get the vaccine—something going on on social media, like a blackout.

March 2021. With clashes in government increase, America starts drowning in national debt. People will try to come back to normal, but it will be short-lived—prices of food and gas will increase, food. People are unclear about what the next step is but feel the gloom. The United 

States loses its position as a world power and Biden is being ridiculed in the global media.

April 2021. Easier than the previous months. Mask mandates drop, curfews might be lifted globally,  travel resumes, people are excited about returning to normal; that will be short-lived.

May 2021. I see fires start again in the west. Unusual weather worldwide, floodings in Europe, hurricane-like weather, it feels more like autumn than spring. There will be a volcano eruption on the African continent, and conflict returns to Israel. I see the bodies of many children found somewhere close to the north border of the USA; I see crosses, like in a Catholic church nearby. The Covid-19 cases surge in India, EuroAsia but it is not as deadly as the first wave. The economy is stale to say the list. Energy shortage in the USA. Lines at petrol stations like we saw in  (Covid) testing sites. A lot of protests everywhere, In the United States and Europe for and against Israel and Palestine. The United States military becomes a joke or woke, or both.

June 2021. I see unusual weather, heat waves in Russia and Euro Asia. I know this sounds ridiculous. Big tech is in trouble, FB, Twitter, Google...; somebody will sue, either class lawsuit or Trump, himself. The Biden administration does not hide its communist agenda anymore. I see an energy shortage, like not enough gas, and long lines at the gas pump. Prices rise up again. Prices of real estate will be going up very fast everywhere due to a shortage of new construction.

July 2021. Some new regulations and mandates return in connection to the virus. China sell more mask and China made "covid related" products to the United States. CCP economy will flourish, the American economy will suffer. Mass anger with the government here, non-partisan. A huge earthquake in the Pacific, about 8 on Richter, possible tsunami for the west coast. Shooting at a stadium or sporting event, I think, but not like the one in  Las Vegas. Still, there will be victims and mass panic.

August 2021. The month of August will be heated. Issues with corruption and control in government related to COVID will surface again. I know you don't like to hear it, but there will be new mask mandates and lockdowns. They might even mandate covid passports. There will be a " flashback" to 2020. A lot of new laws and new mandates will surprise people as unconstitutional. People will feel that the government infringes yet again on their rights. That situation will evolve into protests again. Europe will employ vaccine passports, people will greatly disapprove. There will be huge rallies in Europe, Paris, Italy, Australia against the new Covid mandates. Petty crime will feel like the new normal. More fear about the future of the country and where were are headed. The stock market starts to visibly fluctuate. A lot of irrational decisions on the government level will triple faith and hope for the future. A lot of seismic activity will take place in August. International terrorism will regroup and the threat will rise again, something to do with the Taliban, I see them armed with American gear? It is like the American forces gave it to the Taliban. I know that sounds crazy but that is what I see.

September. 2021 The United States. People are back on the street over Covid and children, possibly related to school and teacher unions. Possibly schools are not going to reopen or there will be more and new mass mandates for COVID. The government will greatly overstep again, but this time people will no longer comply. People will be enraged over this. 

The economy is becoming increasingly unstable, very unstable; job losses increase, people will be fired, possibly related to the new mandates, many are resigning,  people can not hire any more. Huge protests everywhere, not only in the United States related to Covid measures. A secret, some kind of little-known information will be revealed, like a deception on a global level. DC becomes the center of crime; police will be sent against the people, parents, marching on government command across the USA. Australia is worse actually but here will be bad as well. Inflation will continue to soar. Some big government spending will not pass but a smaller version of it, will.  

October 2021. Massive surge in crime everywhere. Prices of arms continue to rise, everybody is armed by now, and I mean private citizens. I mean, inflation is off the roof! A lot of lawlessness and petty crime will go unprosecuted. Huge shortage of police, and the remaining force is impotent. Police officers will leave the force in spades.  Something happens, crime, I see another shooting at a school. There will be a lot of information about something in the vaccine they don't want people to know about. Something is happening with Nancy Pelosi. She is very angry and kind of powerless.

November 2021. The mental health of Biden is now undoubtedly questioned from both sides, and it's finally getting media attention. No place to hide anymore. The mistrust in the government can not be ignored anymore. There will be two major public events that will lead to civilian casualties, unfortunately, like a concert and a parade or a large demonstration. I see a huge skeleton head, like the gates of hell and a light show or a band. The country will look a lot like November of 2020, with a lot of crime, looting, destruction. Biden's health will come under question, he will have some medical procedure. 

December 2021. There will be a shortage of some goods and food shortages. It will be a cold and wet winter season. The American spirit is broken, people start to unite in opinion against the government, small communities start forming and growing, hope rises as people take matters into their own hands, realizing that this government is working against them.

Europe Covid panic is by now more of an echo, but Africa is getting worse. With few precautions, things will look like the new normal. Europe will keep restrictions for COVID zones, thus effectively preventing immigrants from entering Europe for an extended period. Russia will take back control of EuroAsia and the Middle East, working with China behind the curtains to control the area as the conflict between the Taliban and the "stan republics" will worsen. A new weapon, like an electromagnetic emission, will be announced or discovered by China.

The United Kingdom will start restructuring its local economy, filling the labor void left from the hired seasonal labor. Not a bad move; they have a trained and willing workforce right at home. The sense of nationalism will grow, and many other European countries will start toying with the idea of exiting the EU, beginning with Greece. 

The global business model is unstable, the global economy will take a significant hit. We will see the slow but sure reemergence of the small producer, the mom and pop type of business; communities will serve themselves. The stock market will take a dive, but it will stabilize around Christmas. Inflation in the United States will continue to worsen.  The actual market crash will be next year. George Soros will either fail very ill or pass away.

In 2021 all the straws that break the camel's back will pile up. 

2022 we will be the first year of resurrection but not without turmoil. I would call  2022 The Year of the Phoenix, or the year of "Maleficent"'s return if you have seen the movie. 

A new, more powerful spirit emerges from ashes, and that one will be a mighty one. People will come as one against corrupted governments. Patriotism will return with a vengeance. Hope will resurrect. Unfortunately, the damage is done, and it will take years to rebuild here at home. 

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