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What is Face reading?

Face reading is an individualized form of therapy providing keen insight into a person's personality, character, karma, dharma, and luck based on their vibrational frequencies as recorded in their Akashic records. It is true that image is everything. It is literally the Book of You. Besides knowing yourself, the most popular use of face reading is to find additional information about someone of interest, to define your life purpose, and to learn about your destiny or what is coming next for you. Having a deeper understanding of oneself and others permits bypassing personal insecurities, self-doubt, depression,  and social anxiety,  and encourages harmonious alignment of personal expression with the universal rhythms.


Face Reading is the earliest diagnostic tool developed by ancient cultures to gain insight into human nature. The first preserved documents referring to Face Reading date back to the time of Aristotle, 384 BC. The practice of face reading is mentioned in Ayuirvedas medical texts over 5,000 years old. The sages discovered that they understand someone’s personality, character, energy field, "luck factor." and destiny and diagnose illnesses by someone's appearance.  Later on, the science branched out to develop additional diagnostic layers of itself, like reading of irises of the eyes, tongue, palm, pulse,  and phrenology.  

Face reading is also the foundation of today's Artificial Intelligence Facial Scans software you can find on every phone and security camera. The facial recognition database is used in psychological profiling, security monitoring systems, behavioral analysis studies, gender studies, and marketing. Profilers or people that read faces, as they are known in intelligence, are notorious for having a high emotional IQ and keen intuition.

My name is Mel S Brooks,  and I am a synesthete/psychic, which means I can attune to anyone and become that someone, thus reading your Akashic records, karma, and dharma. I am also an esoteric philosopher and psychologist, practical mystic, and medical intuitive. Now you would like to know what are the Akashic records. Think of the Akashic records as the Internet of the collective consciousness,- not limited to humans,- or the database where every living thing deposits its life experience for record-keeping and reference. 


I  access and use your Akashic book of records like a map to help you navigate through life challenges to your true north. Once we tune in, we either confirm or deny if you are on the right path to your happiness. Some are glad to receive reassurance to keep calm and carry on, and some are glad to receive navigation and pivot if they have steered too far from the path. We also check to see if you are in the right company, what your purpose is and reveal your destiny.


Your first face reading will be a dramatically eye-opening experience, and many people book several readings to talk through a variety of issues to make informed life-changing decisions.

The beauty of Face Reading is its endless discovery of the True Self.



  • 45 min

    150 US dollars

  • 1 hr 30 min

    200 US dollars

  • 2 hr

    250 US dollars


How can I benefit from Face Reading?

Face Reading will give you a profound understanding of why you are the way you are, why you are here, and why something happened to you. We discuss "all of your colors," Your vital energy's 

frequencies. You will have a new understanding of your particular vibe, personality, character, life journey, and navigation. A Face Reading is truly a transformative and therapeutic experience, opening your awareness to the possibilities of living meaningfully and free of regrets.

What a typical Face Reading looks like?

We start with the fundamentals. We are beings of Light, and each of us falls somewhere on the color spectrum. We begin with identifying your Personality Ray ( think "vibe") and your Soul Ray. The Personality Ray governs how you are, your strengths and weaknesses, and how you express yourself in the world; the Soul Ray is your inner constitution, how you entangle with others, and what principles, values, and Universal Laws " supervise" your expression and the reality you create for yourself.

What will I learn in my first Face Reading?

Depends on your questions. Usually, we start with personality traits and character constitution, addressing your principles and how you are most likely to act/react in situations. Then we peel further to your soul expression, heart desires, life purpose, and in what areas of human activity you would be most successful with the least effort. Finally, we address any health issues or potential concerns if present. In subsequent readings, we can dig deep into your life quality, relationships, karma, and dharma.  

Is this a psychic reading?

If you agree that energy is non-material-consciousness or "Psyche," then yes. In practical terms, no, but it sure feels like one! The true psychics, priests, shamans, royal matchmakers, and healers have used reading someone's face or profiling people for centuries. Today it is used by psychologists of today, intelligence agencies, scientific researchers, and most of all, marketers. The magic of Face Reading is that it is not magic at all! It is backed by observational science, behavior analysis,  

situational awareness, and logical reasoning. 

How much does a Face Reading cost?

All prices are featured in the booking services. A 45-minute session is $150.00

Can I get a reading over the phone or over video?

Face Readings are done over the phone or Zoom, SKYPE, Messenger, Signal, and Telegram. Pick whichever form of communication you prefer.

Can I get a recording of my Face Reading?

You can request an audio recording of your reading or record it yourself in ZOOM. We do not send video recordings due to large data usage for the transfer.

Meet Your Reader


Mel  Brooks is a philosophical counselor, clairvoyant, and synesthete renowned for her prophetic ability. She is internationally known for her ability to analyze and profile people by only seeing a picture of them. Mel also pre-diagnoses diseases ahead of their physical manifestation. She predicts the outcome of presidential elections, the Superbowl, economic fluctuations, marriages, divorces, industry trends, the fall and rise of global movements, and the outcome of significant events with deadly accuracy. 

"Mel S Brooks' insight is phenomenal.  A session with Mel will give you the clarity, answers, and the blueprint to make the right move the first time."


John Demartini 

"Mel cares deeply about people because she feels exactly what they feel. She is a synesthete.  She will read you your person of interest like an open book. Nothing can be hidden from her clear vision, it is futile to even try.  Most people will find that shocking as nobody even comes close to her clarity and accuracy. Talking to Mel will shake the foundation of your beliefs if you are skeptical about extraordinarily gifted people because you are just about to meet one. 

Debby J. Stoneheimer

Mel places the utmost value on honesty, but she is never judgemental. She is very direct herself. Mel's purpose and personal intention are to transform lives. It sounds like such a pleasant thing when you hear a life coach talk about changes they help their clients make. But Mel is fighting to give you more. She’s like a lion roaring. Fixing a person is not easy or pleasant and may not result in any gratitude. That takes a warrior."

Denise Kotula


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