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Where do I begin?
I'm a New Yorker, from attitude to workaholism to the METs! My family immigrated from Italy, but instead of giving me a traditional Italian name, they named me Alyssa after my mother's best friend. It was Mel who explained that λυσσα, in Greek "lyssa", means "madness, rabies."

The "A" in front is supposed to revert the meaning but alas, it had not happened before I met Mel.

At the time I am writing this, I am 28 years old, happily married and expecting my first. I did not believe this was possible before I met Mel.

I'll be saying "Before I met Mel" a lot. Before I met Mel, I was sassy, opinionated, bossy, and successful. My middle name was "Next." I was always on the go, and I got it done! I slept at times less than three hours with my iPhone under my pillow, ready for what comes next. I was the poster child of high achievers. It was all about tomorrow.

If you are a New Yorker, you will relate. The City that never sleeps demands a high pace, high energy, and sharp elbows if you want to make it here. If you don't have what it takes, you better change your zip code. But all that comes at a price.
I started losing my hair when I was 25. My beautiful thick Italian tresses were falling off as if I have had cancer treatment. After that, I started packing weight out of the hot air, and my hands started shaking. What on Earth?! Doctors spoke about Alopecia and stress, they prescribed some antidepressants and told me to get better. I wanted a quick fix so that I can go back, catch Tomorrow, and bag it! But I didn't get better, I got worse. I lost interest in everything. Depression became my Old Faithful, and I snuggled with it.
A friend of mine called one day, and she invited me to attend a lecture with her. She said the speaker is Intuitive and that her boss got tickets for her whole office. The topic of the lecture was "Your Destiny, Your Purpose" so it piqued my curiosity. The presenter - Mel - put a totally different spin on the concepts and got my attention. During the coffee break, she came to me and tapped me on the shoulder. She said she wants to work with me and that we are starting tonight after the lecture. What?!
Feeling a bit intimidated, I asked her why does she thinks I need "work". In NY we don't let you roll us over with sale pitches. We do this better than you. We invented it! She said and I quote, "Because if we don't, you will die from thyroid cancer." Ha! I did not have cancer! This woman was c-r-a-z-y! I told her to get lost, "No way I will be working with you, crazy lady!"
About ten days later, I felt so bad that I went to the ER. Long story short, I was diagnosed with medullary carcinoma a week later. I called my friend and asked her if she knows how can I get in touch with Mel. She promised to ask her boss and see if we can track her down. That night my phone rang. It was the crazy lady. I don't recall what I said; I balled my eyes out. I was scared; I hadn't even told my parents. I told her, I just want to curl up and die! She listened quietly and  after a long pause so that I can compose myself, she asked, "Do you really want to die?" 
"No, I don't," I said.
"Let's get rid of cancer and get you better then." She said.
We started talking.  Mel is not what would you expect from an intuitive. She is more steel logic and objective reasoning than a Wall Street shark. She would even say to you, "I do not emote. That is not what I do. " Day after day, Mel will help me discover the faults in my mindset and change that. I got off the rat race, I got over my addiction to accumulation, I got over greed, I got over the fear of failure. I found out what really matters to me, instead of what I thought it did, just because everybody else was after it. For the first time, I understood what awareness was and how to use it. I understood peace and serenity, purpose and destiny. I found joy and meaning and I felt whole. I knew I was not dying! I was just about to start living fully! My cancer treatment was not only successful, but my recovery was almost miraculously short. I couldn't wait to start my life, but this time, I was about to live it by my terms.
I resigned from my position and came to work with Mel, organizing events and classes. People need to hear what she has to say. And one day I bought mini muffins and went to thank my friend's boss for introducing me to Mel. He got the muffins; I got his heart. We are now happily married, and I hope we shall live happily ever after!

Mel is not a person. She is like a tornado, an experience that happens to you,  more like a natural phenomenon that a two-legged human. If you are lucky to get some Mel in your life, your life will never be the same.
Mel was my best woman at my wedding, and she will always be My Best!

Alyssa Jude

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