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About Us

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We are a team of a mother and son working together to restore and propagate the great American values via art and design using the power of propaganda against its corrosive agenda. A majority that stays silent and hidden is powerless; it's time to stand up, be seen, and be counted!

Wear it loud, wear it proud, our freedom-loving friends! 

Mel and King

The Products

Adults will love our witty poignant visual messages. Our Children line truly empowers by reminding kids that they are strong, safe, and protected because they have strong parents and families. We embraced the tradition of classic children's illustrations and none feature unicorns. Instead, we used dragons mainly because dragons eat unicorns. Our "return-to-the-Classicss" designs honor traditional aesthetics with a hint of innocence and nostalgia.


We are a print-on-demand shop. We have spoken with each of our manufacturers about their printing methods and the fabrics they offer. We strive to offer 100% organic cotton for children's clothing if the design and printing permits. We recommend a tri-blend for sports attire because light to wear, moisture-wicking, and keeps you cool. Please read the product description for details if you have specific requirements. Some color variations are expected depending on the material. Natural fibers, like cotton, absorb more, thus "pulling" some of the color vibrance so that colors will be slightly less saturated.

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