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Connecting people is something I developed because Eastern Montana has town planning flaws. Natural born busy body, I just wanted to hook everyone together and make a village so we could build tree forts. Don't judge; a lot has been achieved oven less honorable motives.  And as you can see I am not fit for manual labor!
After Northwest Bridal (I mean Bible) College let me down and I did not marry the promising minister my mom had planned, I chose a  business where I could get people to come to me, keep them immobile and chat, to my heart’s desire.  And for 34 years, I’ve run a very successful hairstyling business.

Kim went from a stylist for 27 years to a published writer and public speaker in a year. She specializes in treatment for diabetes. You could find her at

I met The Fixer through a friend whose husband died, leaving her devastated with three teenagers and no life insurance.  She told me how this amazing woman asked, “If money were no object, what will you do?”  When my friend told her she could set the table, decorate a Christmas tree, dress perfectly for any occasion and she loved to write, they set about creating a business that fit her skills perfectly. Three months later, my BFF had the best snarky blog site in the valley, picking up checks and celebrity status. I wanted that too.  She gave me a warning:  the Fixer exceeds expectations but working with her is the hardest thing I would ever do, yet the most rewarding investment of time and money. She is gossip all right, so she gave me the names of more Fixer clients, so I could hear what they had to say as well.
Hairdressing is all fine and dandy, but deep inside me I still wanted to bring villages together and build forts and businesses and communities. I was a wannabe concierge service, a PR committee, and a head-hunter.  An advertising strategy I used in the ’90s in my salon in Carefree Arizona was: “Need a plumber, accountant, doctor, and dentist, almost anything, come to my salon, and I’ll hook you up!  We do a lot more than just hair!"
During our first conversation, The Fixer told me, ‘Stop reading, stop studying and go do it. You have been doing this for 27 years, just never asked to be paid for it!” So I hired the Drill Sergeant…I mean The Fixer.  Did I say, Drill Sergeant?  Well, she does keep me marching… to a new drummer. Keeps me on track.  An inspirational speaker can inspire you to greatness, a motivational speaker might motivate you to write down a few key points, but a FIXER kicks butt and takes names. Mel produced a “before and after.”  
Mel Brooks is That Fixer people hire her when they need to make major decisions, choose a personal or business partner, hire key employees, merge a business, build a business, increase profits, manage reputation, handle a crisis, develop a brand, negotiate a contract, oh yeah, and a lot more!  She works with politicians, public figures, athletes, and celebrities, wow, where do I fit in?  I’ll go with a celebrity! She made me one.
This woman tells it like it is. No gimmicks, no rah-rah.  Just the cold hard facts.  And that includes universal truths like “True service equals true reward” and the “Law of fair exchange.”  Whatever challenge you face,  you can count on her near psychic ability.
Mel will hone in, identify the problem, find its origin, and fix it. 

Kim Minert

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