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“Oops, There Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant

Meet Mr. Nimesh Dinubhai, President of
Have you heard Frank Sinatra sing about that old ant who moved the rubber tree plant? It goes like this:

Just what makes that little old ant
Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant
Anyone knows an ant can’t
Move a rubber tree plant
But he’s got high hopes; he’s got high hopes
He’s got high apple pie, in the sky hopes.”

I met Nimesh Dinubhai in 2014 at a lecture of Dr. John Demartini, a close friend, and author, wealth expert, and top behavioral specialist, who was in Phoenix for a couple of days. Nimesh stood out to me, as he was the only person of Asian Indian descent in the room. He seemed eager to connect with the attendees but was unable to break the ice. I approached him, celebrating his eagerness to venture out of his comfort zone.

Nimesh Dinubhai,

He politely introduced himself with the typical heavy accent of an immigrant, and we engaged in a conversation. He shared that his family relocated to the United States in 1991, he was in the hotel business, and he owned a web-building and development company. He also told me about his high hopes. He wanted to succeed, and he was determined to do whatever it took to make it. The fact that he ventures out of his comfort zone were proof enough

That, in one simple sentence, is what I have dedicated my life to helping people do. My company is devoted to helping those committed to achieving success obtain it, making sure they put in the necessary time and the hard work, keeping them accountable, and accepting ownership of their actions before results. Nimesh and I started working together. We seemed a perfect fit.

Nimesh Dinubhai and his lovely amily

Those of you unfamiliar with our work should know that our mentoring method has been described as “intellectual Navy Seal training” by the bold and the brave who sign with us. If your ego can survive our audit, you have made it halfway to success.

We put you under the scrutiny of the real-life business world and hold the trophy until you have earned it.  We look at everything, the way you dress, speak, walk, write business correspondence, your business acumen, your comportment. Next, we look into business practices and ethics, leadership qualities, and social presence. And finally, we address personal habits, character, and relationships.

Every facet of your personality, mindset, behaviors, and practice are put under the microscope until we identify the misguided strongholds that keep you from succeeding, and we fix it all, meticulously and strategically.

Being an immigrant, devout to his culture and his cultural proclivities, Nimesh was struggling to learn the “American way” on his own. The language was a barrier, written communication was another, and the brash, hard-edged “business as usual” attitude was foreign. But he was determined and inspired to break through all limitations. At every session, he would read aloud an inspirational quote that helped him stay motivated, and only then would we commence with work.

Nimesh’s kindness could not overcome or replace his natural shyness, but he needed to present himself before large audiences to acquire new business. He would be invited to the Asian American Hotel Owners Association conferences all over the country to address issues affecting website performance, social media, booking, traffic retention, growth, and ROI.

Our fix? We found him an English teacher to work on pronunciation, annunciation, grammar, writing business correspondence and documents, studying body language, posture, voice calibration so his voice could carry to the ends of the room, and body control to improve his stage presence. He would prepare for days rehearsing a single speech. But on occasion, he would still freeze and stumble in front of an audience. He had to practice not at home but live in front of people, so we recommended that he join Toastmasters and assigned him a mentor to supervise his progress.

Then we audited his business, business operation, practices, and Brand. Brick by brick, we would move the obstacles away. Nothing makes a teacher or a coach happier than seeing their pupil push through and overcome, no matter how high the mountain you ask them to climb.
Nimesh would show up at each session prepared, never complained about the enormous amount of homework he had to do on top of managing two hotels and caring for a family with two young children. Nimesh does not ever make excuses.

Reports and recognition started coming in from Toastmasters. Every year he was given awards for “Most Improved Speaker” or “Best Presentation.” People were cheering for him! I went with him to conferences to witness his progress myself. He felt more comfortable among his business peers, more assertive in himself and his service, and finally, they started listening to him with heightened attention.  The Websrefesh Brand is growing steadily now, on its way to becoming the preferred service provider in the hotel industry, its recognition and credibility increase exponentially. All the hard work is paying off. Websrefresh has been recognized with the " People Choice Award For the Best Customer Service" every year since 2014!

Nimesh once made a vision board. It was a college education for his kids and a million-dollar home for his family as symbols of his financial prosperity. In February 2018, he invited me to attend a spiritual ceremony to celebrate his purchase of a beautiful luxury home in Phoenix. “Oops, There Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant!”

We are not only beyond happy for Nimesh and his family, but we are also inspired by the strength of his character, his dedication, his perseverance, and his commitment. Yet another pupil of Status Seal has proved that success is not a matter of circumstance, talent, or connections. Success is a matter of ownership. You cannot be in control of your life if you refuse ownership for your actions.

Congratulations on your success, Mr. Dinubhai!
Mel S Brooks

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