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Face Reading is the earliest diagnostic tool developed by ancient cultures to gain insight into human nature. The first preserved documents referring to Face Reading date back to the time of Aristotle, 384 BC. The practice of face reading is mentioned in Ayuirvedas medical texts over 5,000 years old. The sages discovered that they could diagnose illnesses with Face Reading and understand someone’s personality, character, energy field, "luck factor." and destiny.  Later on, the science branched out to develop additional diagnostic layers of itself, like reading of irises of the eyes, tongue, palm, pulse, astrology, and phrenology.

Face reading is also the granddaddy of today's Artificial Intelligence Facial Scans software you can find on every phone and security camera. The facial recognition database is used in psychological profiling, security monitoring, behavioral pattern studies, sexual orientation, and gender studies worldwide.

Face reading is an individualized form of therapy that permits bypassing social anxiety, personal insecurities, and self-doubt, encouraging deeper self-understanding and harmonious alignment between the universal rhythms of and personal expression. Besides knowing yourself, the most popular use of face reading is to find additional information about a potential match in dating, finding your life purpose, and destiny.

Using this ancient wisdom, I read your Akashic book of records like a map and help you navigate through life challenges to your true north. Your first face reading will be a dramatically eye-opening experience, and many people book several readings to talk through a variety of issues to make informed life-changing decisions.

The beauty of Face Reading is its endless discovery of the True Self.



How can I benefit from Face Reading?

A Face Reading will give you a profound understanding of why you are the way you are and how to access your potential to improve your life. We will address all of "your colors," the frequencies of your life energy. You will have a new understanding of your particular vibe, life's lessons, and challenges and can come up with practical solutions for the areas needing improvement. A Face Reading is truly a transformative and therapeutic experience opening your awareness to the possibilities of living meaningfully and free of regrets.


What a typical reading looks like?

We start with the fundamentals. We are beings of Light, and each of us falls somewhere on the color spectrum. First, we address your Personality Ray ( think "vibe") and your Soul Ray. The Personality Ray governs how you are, your strengths and weaknesses, and how you express yourself in the world; the Soul Ray is your inner constitution, how you entangle with others, and what principles, values, and Universal Laws " supervise" your expression.

Is this a psychic reading?

No, but it can sure feel like one! Profiling people has been used for centuries by royal matchmakers, healers, fortune tellers, psychologists, intelligence agencies, and even marketers. The magic of Face Reading is founded on observational science and situational awareness with thousands of years of data collection and research behind it. There are no outliers in these patterns.


How much does a Face Reading cost?

All prices are featured in the booking services below.

Can I get a reading in person or over video?

Face Readings are done over Zoom, SKYPE, Messenger, Signal, and Telegram.

Can I get a recording of my Reading?

First all readings are strictly confidential. The information you share, like images, names, and birthdates will be deleted immediately after your session. You can request an audio recording of your reading, or you can record it yourself, or we can send you an audio recording after your session. Sessions can be recorded in ZOOM. We do not send video recordings due to their large file size.


What will I learn in my first Reading?

Depends on your questions. Usually we start with personality traits and character constitution, addressing your principles and how you are most likely to act/ react in situations. Then we peel down to your soul expression rays, your heart desires, your life purpose and in what areas of human activity you would be most successful with least amount of effort. After that we address any health issues or potential concerns if present. In subsequent readings, we can dig deep into your life quality, relationships, karma and dharma, and identify patterns and strongholds in any show up. 

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Meet Your Reader


Mel S. Brooks is a philosophical counselor, clairvoyant, and synesthete renowned for her ability and accuracy. Mel's insight is clear and comprehensive, contrasting with psychics mediums that perceive energy as vague impressions, like looking at an object underwater. She is internationally known for her ability to analyze and profile people by only seeing a picture of them.

Before retirement, as a profiler and behavioral analyst, Ms. Brooks worked for UNESCO as an expert in negotiations - human trafficking in war-ridden zones in the Middle East. Mel S Brooks consults for various industries offering insight into future trends. For more about Mel and her education and background, click here.


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