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If you or your organization is interested to stun and impress your audience with little-known information, profound wisdom, and pertinent, practical knowledge Mel S Brooks is an ideal choice. Enigmatic, funny, and succinct speaker Mel will have and hold the attention of the room, lit brains on fire, and deliver real value to your guests.

For requests, please contact Alyssa Jude, Mel's personal assistant at for availability, logistics, recording, distribution, and copyrights. Please mention if you intend to hold a virtual event or an in-person event.

Looking for ideas? Tell us more about your audience's demographics and we will suggest some hot topics to help you build up your attendance and sales.


Let's elevate the human intellect together!



Mel S Brooks

"Mel S Brooks provides clarity and leverage when it is needed the most. Her client base spans the globe, from the farthest reaches of Europe to the Middle East to New York, Los Angeles, from DC to her current home base of Phoenix.

When a complicated situation demands an objective review and decisive action, the impressive analytical skills of Ms. Brooks tip the scales to the desired outcome by providing much-needed leverage. 


Ms. Brooks has helped many prevent a crisis, and avoid failure in making the right decisions at critical life juncture. Mel and her team are available at a moment's notice to resolve any situation and execute a rescue strategy when necessary. 


People are willing to pay a small fortune for the content of her head." 

Frank Lane

Senior Vice President 

Chanel Intelligence/ Google

Author of "Killer Brands"

"Mel is a frighteningly smart woman. I don’t know how smart; probably the smartest person I’ve ever met." 

Denise Kotula / Journalist/ Los Angeles Times / Seattle Times


"Mel Brooks is an exceptionally gifted social perception specialist, one of the very few out there capable of explaining human behavior and motivation in a logical way. She can predict the success of any brand with deadly accuracy."

Tony Hsieh / CEO of Zappos

"Mel is a polymath and erudite. She is by far one of the most intelligent and well-read people you would have the good fortune to meet. Science still struggles to explain the phenomena of people like Mel."

Dr. John Demartini / Speaker, Author

"Mel is a strange and wonderful presence when she enters your life. Her intelligence borders on genius. We always contact her when it comes to making crucial business decisions."

Frank Lane /CEO of Channel Intelligence / Google

"Working with Mel has been an incredible experience. Within the work that I do, I'm usually the one guiding, coaching, leading, giving advice, etc ... so it's not easy for someone to walk into my life and do all of those things for me. But that's exactly what Mel has done. She's on another level. To be honest, I'm not even sure I could write a review that encompasses all the aspects of my business and personal life that she's helped me with, the impact has been immeasurable."

Gelie Akhenblit / President of Networking Phoenix

"Mel S Brooks came to our practice as a parent, seeking treatment for her child. During our consult, she demonstrated an inexplicable knowledge of medicine, physiology, neurology, you name it, she knew about it.  As she was leaving,  she saw in the waiting room the child of a family that came to see me from San Fransisco with a complex medical history and no clear diagnosis yet.  Mel looked at the child and immediately diagnosed him with Leukoencephalopathy with vanishing white matter. Six months later and after extensive testing, the National Institute of Health confirmed Ms. Brooks' diagnosis. The only explanation Mel offered for her uncanny accurate diagnosis was that she was psychic. As a medical doctor and scientist, I am naturally skeptical but when this incidental diagnosis turned into a series of similar events, I could no longer deny the exceptional gifts of Ms. Brooks, even though I  can not comprehend them. We often collaborate with Ms. Brooks when science fails to produce answers. In the last ten years, I have recommended Ms. Brooks to other physicians and she has been an invaluable asset to their patients and practices as well. Sometimes we have to accept that we still know very little about the unconscious mind and its universal reign. Mel Brooks is a supernatural phenomenon we should study."

Bruce H. Shelton, MD MD(H) DiHom FBIH,

President Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association

Medical Director of HEEL Pharmaceuticals, INC 

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