" The beginning of wisdom is the beginning of supernatural power."

"Every journey needs navigation."

  Mel S. Brooks

The Mysteries Revealed

Our life journey has three scripts.

Our personality writes the story we usually identify with. It's the record of our thoughts, desires, and actions, and what resulted from them. Then comes the Story of the Spirit, how the Universe is expressing its truth and its unity through us. The Spirit story underlines and sustains everything else we might be experiencing. Finally, there is the Story of the Soul, the tale of how personality meets Spirit when an individual and the universal merge and manifest as One. This is the story of unfolding love.

Every human being is being challenged in her personality to create an active, healthy partnership with Spirit in that state of consciousness we call soul. When we have "problems" we have them only in our personality, and it is there that we have to focus. But the problems of the personality cannot be solved by the personality, because ultimately the cause is beyond. So it is beyond we must go.​  This requires an understanding of your akashic records, in other words,

  1. Your Spirit ray's qualities. The understanding of one's Ray's archetype, personality, previous incarnations, duality expressions of Light and Shadow, strengths, and challenges. 

  2. Your life's purpose. The life cycles of the Soul and Personality and how they control your life experiences; the desired expression of your purpose in your assigned fields of humane activity.

  3. Your Soul's Destiny. The role of the Soul in your progress, achievements, failure, or stagnation, your karma, dharma, and your future to-do list. The understanding of your relationships to oneself and to others;  the major themes, patterns, and strongholds in your personal life.