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"Every journey needs navigation." Mel Brooks

Our life journey has three scripts.

Our personality writes the story we usually identify with. It's the record of our thoughts, desires, and actions and what resulted from them. Then comes the Story of the Spirit, how the Universe expresses its truth and unity through us. The Spirit story underlines and sustains everything else we might be experiencing. Finally, there is the Story of the Soul, the tale of how personality meets Spirit when an individual and the universal merge and manifest as One.

This is the story of unfolding love.

Thank you for being here. We are honored to have you.

This video explains what an akashic record is, how we access it, and what to expect from an akashic record reading.


Each reading begins with an attunement to the client's frequency. To attune means to become one with.

 It takes about 10 minutes to find your wavelength or " vibe" or less if you are in an emotionally calm space. A good visual for this process will be if you imagine turning the dial of a radio to find a station, sorting through the static. Emotions tend to distort our energies and create a lot of background noise, so it might take some time to phase out the disturbances.  


Once we sync, I can access your book of records stored in the collective consciousness or the Akash. Akash means space or sky in Sanskrit. All spiritual doctrines and quantum mechanics agree that only Spirit is real. We are all but Spirit, conscious, intelligent, and loving, that travels and expresses itself in and out of matter. To help you understand what the akashic records are, let's look at the latest images of the universe taken by NASA's latest gadget, the ten billion James Webb Telescope. Here is astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explaining what we see in the images taken by the telescope.


To emphasize, these are pictures of cosmic bodies and events that existed 13 billion years ago, not now. The NASA telescope took pictures of the history of the universe. 


How come can take photographs of what no longer exists?


What you just saw is the akashic record of our universe.  The energetic signature, in other words, the light emitted by the heavenly bodies or from cosmic events, continues to travel to the space/time fabric, telling us what happened back then. The law of energy conservation, also known as the first law of thermodynamics, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed;  it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another. Therefore the energy of any one thing, be it a star or a starling like yourself, is preserved forever. Quantum mechanics have already proved that everything is no-thing, all matter, including your physical body, is made out of energetic waves, and only when you observe or look at it, does it appear to be solid. You were light, and you will return to light after this human experience that we call life.

If we are to think of God as a Superbrain - so we don't subscribe to anyone's particular religion- then the Universe is that superbrain, and  NASA  just photographed its memory. The human brain is a spitting image of that Superbrain and functions exactly the same.

Click anywhere on the image to watch thisshort video,

The cosmic web.png

Your spiritual energetic permutations are recorded as memories in the space/time fabric, which we refer to as the Akashic records in Esoteric Philosophy and Psychology.


What do I need to read your Akashic records? Just like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, all I need is a picture of you. You are the book of your records.


How come I can read your Records? I am a Synesthete/ Psychic. Synesthesia is the phenomenal ability to perceive information from one sense and to interpret it with another, like seeing music or hearing colors. In my particular case, I see people's frequencies and perceive them as colors and events, like if I am watching the Movie of You. in other words, I can read your Akashic record.

After I see your color, the color of your Spirit Ray, one of the seven colors you are familiar with, I descend through your seven bodies, from Spirit to matter. Their centers are known to you as the Seven chakras. So starting from your Spirit body, or the crown chakra, I move down to your Soul body, Or the 3rd eye, then down through the throat chakra with the seat of your Intellectual body, and further down to your heart chakra, the emotional body, followed by the solar body, your electromagnetic, like the Sun, body which powers you like a battery. From then, I am shown your physical body, where I can see your health history or present issues. Finally, I end at your root chakra, your environmental body, where your ancestry and generational trauma from your past are stored.

Many ask me, "How can  you determine my destiny and purpose?" The right question is not how but where. The information about your destiny is stored in your soul, and your intellectual body reveals your purpose. I refer to it as the body of work because, without the human intellect, one will not be able to function in our world.


Not all readings evolve in this order. Often my attention is drawn to the most pressing questions on your mind, a health issue you must address immediately, or a relationship that affects your Emotional body; information presents itself by relevance. Then your questions, like thumbs, flip the pages to where the answer you seek is written.

What are the benefits of having your Akashic Records read?

From my observations and experience, people feel genuinely liberated after a reading. They are so joyful when they recognize themselves in the reading; it's like waking up suddenly from a coma or from amnesia and remembering everything about yourself, finding your true identity. You can imagine the relief!

For those who are aligned with their purpose and destiny, the confirmation that their doing the right things and are on the right path gives them the assurance and the peace of mind to carry on with confidence.

For those who are feeling lost, just drifting along life without direction, discovering their purpose and destiny is like finally being able to climb out of a toxic swamp. The depression that always accompanies mental stagnation and emotional impotence is lifted. They can feel it again. They discover their motivation and desire to live fulfilling and remarkable lives.


And sometimes, readings take a different turn. If the cause for a disease of the disease itself is present, even if the disease has not yet manifested in the physical body, my attention is drawn to that, and we address that immediately. Or, if a person is already sick, we will address the energetic disturbance that caused the illness and focus on immediate intervention. I have saved many lives by providing early warnings about health issues on time.

During your reading, you will learn your Spirit's ray qualities, life's purpose and destiny, and what human activity will make you the happiest and most fulfilled. If you provide your birthday, we can also look at your life cycles of the Soul and Personality and find out what controls your life experiences right now. And finally, your Soul's Destiny and the role of the Soul in your progress, achievements, your karma, and dharma to help you build a better understanding of your relationships with oneself and with others.

Who Is What In The Spiritual Community

What Is An Intuitive?

Every earthling is intuitive. Intuition is an unconscious instinct processed in the second brain, (gut) and in the reptilian brain, similar to the immune system.  Intuition is the sixth sense for survival, informing us of danger, thus prompting us to fight, flight or freeze. 

An Intuitive person feels but lacks clarity of what is happening.

What Is A Psychic?

A psychic collects information from the present environment by using different tools of divination for assistance or relies on other entities or guides to verify their findings.

A psychic person senses information but often readings are vague or ambiguous.

What is A Synesthete?

A person who sees the world through the integration of multiple senses is called a synesthete.

A synesthete experiences other people's energy as color, sound, temperature, vibration, and frequency.


A synesthete experiences another person as oneself. 

What Is A Prophet?

A prophet is someone who has visions of what has begun and it is already coming. They have the wisdom and the knowledge to explain what is coming and what needs to be done to prevent an event from occurring.

A prophet sees what is already in manifestation.

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