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The beginning of wisdom is the beginning of supernatural power.

Do you remember this dialogue?

Is regret the most destructive force in the Universe? Let's think about that for a moment. We only experience regret when we learn better, but we can not go back to do better. The worst case of remorse is over an opportunity one had but did not use.  Ask people why and they will tell you, " I didn't know better then." So, how come some know and others don't?  


Because knowledge is power, and to preserve power, the knowledge was hidden from the masses.  It became "occult," hidden, secret. so, yes,  there are some secrets out there in the Universe you don't know about.  

Some of the biggest secrets are related to the nature of reality and your own nature.

The first and most important is that you are God. To be more humble, let's take it a notch down and say you are a god-like or made in " his image," born with the ability to create something out of nothing by intent, from within yourself out, " As within so without.". You can manipulate your reality by thought, intent, and free will.


But, if you knew you could do this, if you knew HOW to create by intent, you would bow to no one, and no one will have authority over you. You can not be controlled, abused, taken advantage of, or enslaved. And this is why we were sold a fake narrative.

Here is how it works. If you lack knowledge, you must learn from someone who does. If you don't know what to do, you'll need advice from someone who has done it before (and survived the process.) We call that education and conditioning. Innocent children have no concept of the world, and no experience. so they depend on adults, let's just say " others," to learn about it. In the absence of knowledge,  we can not manage by ourselves and are willing to surrender our autonomy to an authority. We become dependent. For example, when you get sick and don't know how to heal yourself, you seek the advice of a doctor and put your life in his hands. If your car is broken, you need the knowledge of a mechanic, and you leave your car in their care. In both cases, you must pay or reimburse them for their expertise. You are dependent on them until you obtain their level of expertise. The doctor and the mechanic are superior and have authority over you because they know something you do not. But educated and capable individuals become autonomous, and that's The nemesis of any governing power. 


Since the beginning of time, those with access to knowledge used it to gain power and did not like the concept of sovereignty for all, and fed us false narratives. They made knowledge secret and inaccessible to the masses because knowledge is power, power is independence,  and independence is freedom.  They paid loyal servants and merciless mercenaries to keep it in the ivory towers,  in dark tombs, and in hard-to-reach mountain caves under lock and key while they continued to use these incredible secrets themselves to amount great riches, strength, and influence.

Any attempt to declassify these secrets was met with violence and prosecution. Here is an example depicted in the movie "The Secret."

Just hiding it wasn't enough. Everyone who dared deviate from the approved narrative was labeled an enemy and persecuted. The purge of The Insightful who dare disagree with the authority still goes on. The voices of the enlightened, scientists,  natural healers, mystics, magi, alchemists, and the truthful are still monitored and censored. They know that "the beginning of wisdom is the beginning of supernatural power" and don't want you to have it.

But can you learn these "secrets" and use their supernatural power, or magic to improve the quality of your life?


Yes, you can.


Magic is just the superstitious definition for "manifesting something by intent" and it requires knowledge of metaphysics, its subject matter being the essence of things, not love spell potions.​

"Essence precedes existence”


We will address these aspects of  Essense,

  1. Your personality. This is the seat of your desires, what you wish to create, your unfinished business (karma), and your plans for the future (dharma.) Here, you exercise free will, which determines the quality of your life. You must be free, healthy,  and safe.

  2. Entanglement or the quality of your relationships. This is the seat of intuition and insight into human nature.  Here you exercise judgment and justice.  You must be loved, respected, and appreciated.

  3. Enlightenment,  or the meaning of your life experience.  This is the seat of intellect and wisdom. Here you exercise your awareness, comprehension, and consciousness. You must be lucky, happy, and live and die without regrets.

Are you ready for some major revelations? 


Practical Wisdom

Why do you use Google Maps or GPS? The obvious answer is, " To find directions to where I want/need to go, in other words, to get to my desired destination.

Wisdom is the spiritual navigation system created by those who traveled the roads before us and arrived at the desired destination. These " maps" are saved in the collective consciousness, known as the AKASHIC RECORDS  of humanity, and are accessible to those who utilize their build-in tools for navigation; innate intuition, intellect, and wisdom.

Everything about you is stored in your Akashic book of records; your history, personality, character, karma, dharma, purpose, destiny, health, and where your path is taking you right now are all encoded in your Akashic record.

Should you know what is written in your Akashic record?

It depends. If you are the kind of thrill seeker, willing to try the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome, then no. But if the thrill is wearing off; you are tired of "the same-old," discouraged, 

depressed, or unsure about your purpose, your destiny is, yes. You will greatly benefit from reading.

Think of it this way; life is short, and you have no time to waste to rediscover the stone wheel when you can fly to your desired destination.


Using your AKASHIC RECORDS map to navigate your life journey will help you make the right choice the first time and actually arrive at your desired destination.

How To Read People

The most devastating emotional traumas, our karma, and dharma come from one source- the inability to comprehend other people's minds.

Why do you need to learn how to read people?

To live without regrets requires that we create relationships that are 

(a) harmonious or stress-free,

(b) symbiotic or mutually and equally beneficial, and

(c) sustainable or long-lasting. 

Dating is gambling with your heart, waiting for the roulette to stop spinning to see if you picked a winner. Learning to read other people's minds is the way to know a winner before you place your bet.

Well, there is a way. We can teach you how to read anyone like an open book. You can learn to decode someone's personality and character by direct observation, logical deduction, and psychological insight using a variety of proven methods. that do not involve snooping of any kind.

You will learn to identify red flags, ulterior motives ques, patterns of behavior, and the constitutions of the different personality types and soul expressions.

When you entangle with the wrong people, your energy is wasted, and so is your time. You could've used both to create the reality you want. Stop gambling! Protect your most valuable asset, your life time. It is a limited recourse that can not be replenished.

Soul Governance 

We must learn to choose soul respect over self-respect. Your karma does not come from your actions but from your soul's dissatisfaction with your actions.

The soul observes the Universal laws and principles and gauges your contribution to the Greater good; how your personal choices and individual actions affect the collective's experience.

But there is a catch.

The Soul is not your servant. The soul is Boss and has an agenda and a schedule. The Soul Cycles - each seven years long - determine what you need to experience and master before you can graduate to higher education. You have a seven-year-cycle opportunity to pass the grade and create a totally different reality for yourself and everyone you entangle with on the way.  You really can be The Change you want in the world. But! To do so, your soul's requirements must align perfectly with your Personality's desires. Such alignment is called luck.

The soul and not the personality grants us meaningful life, a fulfilling purpose, happiness, and peace of mind. The highest rewards come from the soul. 

Esoteric wisdom states that every human being is being challenged in her personality to create an active, healthy partnership with Spirit in that state of consciousness we call Soul. This challenge is both your life journey and your way home. 


When we have problems, we have them only in our personality, and it is there that we focus. But the problems of the personality cannot be solved by the personality because, ultimately, the cause is beyond. So it is beyond we must go.

Transformational work is only needed if your journey is not filled with joy, luck, happiness, and peace of mind. The process requires that we focus on the following elements.

  • The practice of presence, mindfulness, and attention.

  • Self-observation, self-knowledge, and self-acceptance.

  • Understanding what one's experiences mean from a larger context and higher values.

  • Understanding one's purpose and the expression of that purpose.

  • Understanding your relationship with yourself and others and the major themes in your life.

  • The role of the Soul in your progress, achievements or failure, and stagnation.

  • The Soul and Personality cycles and how they control your life. 

The information you need to transform your life is stored in your Akashic records.


"Mel is a frighteningly smart woman. I don't know how smart; probably the smartest person I've ever met. It was a key selling point for me. I decided that if I were going to pay her to fix me, I would do absolutely everything she told me to do, regardless of how ridiculous it sounded. That way, when her advice didn't work, I could point to her and say, "I told you so," and demand my money back. It didn't work out that way. Every ridiculous thing worked." 

"Mel Brooks is brutally honest. The emphasis is on the word “brutally.” Her self-actualized job title is “The Fixer.”  She is the kind of person you find if you are lucky when you must face the most difficult challenges of your life and desperately need to change. I say “find” because, if you don’t realize you need her, you’ll never find her."

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"If it breaks from the inside, life begins.

If it breaks from the outside, life ends."







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