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How To Be Mentally Strong

Today we live in a society that indulges in a character's weakness. Victimhood is celebrated and victor-hood is vilified. Anything that offends someone's feelings is canceled. But not talking about an issue does not resolve the problem, only allows the problem to fester. Hence, we practice tolerance and compassion but for the price of our mental health, because it is impossible to protect everyone from life's realities and human nature. No matter how careful you are, in life, you will get hurt, disappointed, disillusioned, distressed, and depressed. So if hiding from our problems does not help, if we fail to control what people think or say about us, how can we protect our feelings?

As I'm of the ripe age of 55 I am inclined to give you the "Grow up" speech but I'm not sure too many of my readers and celebrity clients know what that means, so here it is a short explanation.

"Grow up" means that at a certain age you must reach a healthy level of self-accountability and reliability because society at large will expect you self-correct. You do that by accumulating wisdom from your prior experiences. If you are not of age just yet, but you are wise enough to recognize that it is better to learn from others, instead of, from your own mistakes, I have taken the liberty to create a 12-step program for the Addiction to "Poor Me" Syndrome.

These twelve steps are simple to understand and simple to implement. Learn them, love them, live by them. And if I may appeal to your sense of civic duty, please share forward, especially If you know someone who struggles with issues of codependency and grim outlook of life.

Here is to your mental health!

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