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Live Your Life

"Your values is a disarray, prioritizing horribly,

Unhappy with your riches cause you're piss poor morally,

Ignoring all prior advice and forewarning

And we mighty full of ourselves all of a sudden aren't we?"

Remember when T.I and Rihanna told you to live your life? I used to blast the song the moment I got into my car early in the morning when the rising sun would slowly melt the mystery of the desert. Good music, good advice, great attitude. Just live your life, that's it. Easy to do if you have your priorities straight and the right values. You do what you must or you love, you do it right because of principle and do you good in the world because it is the right thing to do. No stress, no burden, no rat race. If you do your best, there is no need to do better. Yes, you might not drive the latest model, will it make you any better or any happier? No. I have worked with people who own a lot of "things", but every "thing" cost them something that mattered to them, like sleep, self-respect, friends, family, peace of mind, trust, and the ability to enjoy the simple things in life, like blasting the stereo on an Arizona morning.

If you take a moment to reflect, your major purchases are not your best memories, (I hope.) If I asked you when were you happiest, you would probably say something like, "When I met my ..",

"When we walked on the beach at sunset with...", "When we saw...", " When we went to...",

"When I did..." They will be about people, places, and actions, never about things.

Here is something to consider. You can't change life, but you certainly can change your attitude and that will change your life. Just shift your priorities from acquiring things to valuing what matters. You might find out that having good morals will make you way happier than having material goods.


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