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On Pits And Pedestals

This year Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are definitely going after everything we used to value yesterday, people, systems, establishments. Images and statues of revered leaders are literally coming down from pedestals into pits. After a brief respite, Saturn is moving back into Capricorn this week and the disenchantment with the legendary heroes, and with those, we personally put on pedestals, friends, lovers, bosses, role models resumes. It is hard for the faithful to lose faith in what they once worshiped, and it is hard to see the flaws in what you thought was flawless once. Disillusionment can lead to depression, but it is a necessary step to find our true identity and reveal those ideals and universal beliefs that stand the test of time and generations.

Here is a thing to consider about those on pedestals. It is a lonely mission to the top, that road is less traveled and by the few chosen ones. It is lonely when you get there, and pedestals are high, for everyone to see the actions that put you there. It takes a long time to the pedestal and just a moment to fall from it.

But there is a caution to this tail. In these times of introspection and revelation and revolt, rage can blind us. We must make sure that as we destroy the fake idols only, and not take down everything in our path. Sometimes the obstacles you will face on the path are there to tell you, on are on the wrong path.


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