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ABRACADABRA, I Create As I Speak.

Do you pause for a moment before you speak? What is more important to you, to express how you feel, or to respond to what is being said? Do you consider how your words affect others?

Do you think about how what you say now will affect you in the future?

I know many of you today ask the same question I do, and that is, "How did we get there?" Six months ago, the United States was the best country in the world. People were literally dying trying to come here to live a better life. What changed, and why? Because this is not better. Do we really hate each other this much? Who created this new reality? Who does?

Does free speech equates hate speech?

To even begin to understand how we get here, we need to talk about propaganda. Propaganda is the sum of actions taken to propagate or spread a message broadly regardless of whether it's true using various media. Propaganda is the method used to affect or infect the collective consciousness. It is our collective consciousness that creates the reality we experience. This small diversion from our topic is necessary to bring us closer to the chilling realization of how we got there.

When I started InstantlyWiser towards the end of 2019, I had high hopes, just like the ant that moved the rubber tree. When I foresaw the pandemic in January of 2020, I became overwhelmingly concerned about public health because the invisible virus spread so quickly, crossing borders, carried by planes, or just by air drafts. COVID19 affected our physical word, and we got so preoccupied with it, that we didn't notice even deadlier virus, also carried by air, or by "the ether" or "akash" in Sanskrit or "space," in English, spread by invisible electromagnetic frequencies, radiowaves or Wi-Fi... As above, so below.

As you might have guessed, I am referring to the virus of hate. This one doesn't only kill people. It destroys relationships, communities, countries, future generations, and the future of these generations. Hate is the entropy of the human spirit. It kills our humanity and the divine sparks of love, truth, justice, peace, and equality.

OK, how do we kill hate? Can we develop immunity to it? Can you heal from hatred?

The first InstantlyWiser event we planned was ABRACADABRA, I Create As I Speak. I almost feel I owe everyone an apology for canceling that event because there was never a more urgent need to address why we should be cautious with our words, not so much with our ideas, but with our words.

If you are a healer, a lightworker, if you just care, join me on August 30th, and let's talk about how we create as we speak. It's about time.

See you then.

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