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Are You Stuck In A Fractal?

Most people don't realize that all universal laws are not spiritual but mathematical. We talk about balance, and outcomes and karma and equal give and take but if you dig deeper into the universal mysteries and separate the " human" from perception, you will end discover the Universal Laws. Today, I want to talk about flowers, cancer, viruses, or in other words, fractals.

Fractals are controlled by algorithms, a perfect mathematical equation that is set to self-perpetuate, it keeps birthing itself over and over. To change the appearance of a fractal, you must change the code. A fractal is a never-ending pattern, created by repeating a simple code over and over. Fractals are dynamic systems driven by recursion. Because fractals do not obey any law other than its own pattern code, although beautiful, in the end, they create chaos. Unless something disrupts or changes the fractal code, it will continue to repeat itself infinitely.

Physical expressions of fractals are seen in art, fern, trees, flowers, crop cycles, and cancer, viruses. Personal history, addictions, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors are psychosomatic manifestations of fractals.

Are you stuck in a fractal? Are you trying new things, meeting new people, starting new relationships, job, diet, or exercise but somehow you end up in the same place? Do you start each new year with a list of resolutions, only to default to your old self again, and get more of the "same old, same old?" If that's the case, you are stuck in a fractal. You see, fractals never change, no matter how much time has elapsed since the fractal originated or the distance traveled in space from the point of origin. New conditions do not disrupt the pattern. The fractal pattern continues indefinitely unless something disrupts the code of the pattern. ​​ Disrupting the code can not be done by faith, sheer motivation, ambition, personal will, perseverance, or commitment. The only way you can affect change is to decipher your code, by observing the pattern first, and then halt and replace it with a different one.


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