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"I create as I speak"


February 15,2021
February 22, 2021
March 1st,2022 
4-6 PM (GMT-7)
Three Tuesdays
Three Sessions, Two Hours Each

We make plans, speak affirmations, and stick memos to mirrors. We pray and we wish.  Then why is it that we still can not manifest what we desire?

"Many years ago I had a good fortune to meet a Catholic scholar, a monk who has spent all his life studying ancient and esoteric texts in the Vatican underground libaries. 

In one of our many conversations, I asked him what is the secret of manifestation. He looked at me with an all-knowing smirk and said "ABRACADABRA" and then he shared with me one of the greatest mysteries of the creation, the Secret of Manifestation.

In this class I intend to share with you the secret of Manifestation and especially why most people do manifest the wrong thing or the opposite of what they want. Together we will look at the mechanics of manifestation and learn the proper way to create our reality. There is an actual, cosmic, and scientifically proven process of manifestation and this is the topic of this lecture. "

Mel S Brooks

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The Sacred Geometry in "ABRACADABRA"

The mysteries, the legend, the misconceptions, and the truth about "Abracadabra." Is this a child nonsense or sacred phrase? The origin and the interpretation. Historical facts and fiction.



What Is a "Word" According To Esoteric Philosophy and Psychology

Esoteric Philosophy and Psychology

  • Intention- Intellect

  • Vibration. Frequency. Waves

  • Resonances and Patterns



The Quantum Mechanics Of Words

  • Understanding  Resonance and Synchronicity

  • The Impact Of the Spoken Word

  • The Source and the Impact Of Spoken Intention

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How Do Words Affect The Physical Reality

  • Scientific Research and Proof

  • Messages in Water

  • The etheric blueprint of manifestation

  • The Curse And The Blessings Of  Free Will

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How And Why Do We Form Words

  • The Pyramid Of Seven Levels

  • The Emotion VS Thought Paradox

  • The Arrow And The Target, And The Bumerang



The Problem With Texting Instead Of Speaking

  • Void Communication

  • Segregated Intention

  • But This IS Not What I Meant


How Words Affect Your Health, Happiness, And Success

  • And In The Beggining He said.."- Bible reference

  • " I create As I Speak."

  • Creating Your Reality



How Your Words Affect Others

  • The Energy of Intention

  • Interaction, Entaglement, Reciprocity

  • Ralf Waldo Emerson On Soul, Actions, and Results



What Goes Around Comes Around Indeed

  • How To USe The Principles of ABRACADABRA

  • Job Interviews, Public Speaking

  • Personal Communication

  • Dating, And Relationships

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How I Learned About Abracadabra

I've always been drawn to look for meaning. As a clairvoyant, I could sense the intelligence, the inner work behind manifestation. If there is an effect, there is always a cause, and I have to find it. That childish curiosity set me on a lifelong pursuit, a journey that I still traverse today. It started with myths and folktales, it evolved into a study of history and philosophy, it led me to pursue medical education and healing modalities, ascended to cosmology and quantum mechanics. Later I added studies of the human brain and its function, human consciousnesses, and the unconscious mind, which lead to studies of esoteric philosophy and psychology. 

The subject that fascinates me the most is human behavior and the impact of conscious thought on our environment. And here is the story of how I learned about that.

In the summer of 1996, I met and befriended an Iranian princess, Gila Alikhani. Gila is a Rumi, living with her wonderful family in Cyprus, the third-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. She introduced me to a friend of hers, a Swedish healer whose work has become a legendary, Anneli Nielsen. At the time, Anelli was 67 years old, exalted with life, with the energy level of twenty years old. The first time I met her, she was water skiing in December on the beach in Aya Napa. Anneli was in such a high demand that people all over the world would come once per year to Cyprus to meet her.  She is a Level 4 Rei-Ki master, the highest rank one can achieve and Gila was studying with her. I asked if she could take me to attend a session.

There were about 20 people in the room. I am drawn to mysticism by sheer curiosity but my logical mind keeps the stronghold in my world views. Being a bit of a skeptic about all claims for miraculous healing, I sat towards the end of the room, out of mine out of sight, present but observant.  Anneli started her session without any further ado, spiritual rituals, or sage burning. The theme of her talk was energy exchange. for some innerving reason, she kept eyeing me while talking, then abruptly interrupted her session, pointed to me, and asked me to follow her into a dark room. Not knowing what to expect, but feeling very peaceful about her, I obliged. She did not speak to me. She asked that I sit on a chair, in the middle of the room. Then she instructed me to close my eyes and breathe deeply. I could only tell that she walks in circles around me until she stopped and turned on the lights. "I see the white light running right across your body," she said, "Allow me to show you what you can with it."  At that time I was already studying homeopathy, healing herbs, I've lived with Bedouins, I've observed practices of magical arts in Palmyra, amidst the Syrian desert, so moving my sight further to the East seemed like a logical progression. If she could teach me, I was willing to learn.

Anneli taught Rei-Ki systematically, and through practice. We worked on people in need of healing. During sessions, I would follow with hands positions as instructed; yet at the beginning of each session, she would say, "Those who want to heal instead of feeling like the person on this table, stand back." It took me a year to understand what she meant. I continued to study with her for four years and finally obtained the highest certification in September of 1998 and this was the year where she introduced me to Andrew.


Anneli had a habit to pop out of the blue. One day, as I was painting in my art studio at the time, she called, asked where am I and what I was doing, and said she will come over in thirty minutes and will bring some friends along.  Time to her was without a doubt the most precious commodity, followed by hugging, and she did everything now. When I opened the door the greet her, my eyes were immediately drawn to her male friend. I can only describe that feeling as being in the presence of someone benevolent, not that the older man with her looked or acted like someone who just walked down from the ivory tower of knowledge and good deeds. There was definitely something about him. later I learned that Andrew Schneider was once a Vatican Scholar who abandoned his tenure after he dedicated more than half of his life to the Roman Catholic Church. It was Andrew who introduced me to Esoteric Philosophy and Psychology.  After spending a good two hours in my studio, he insisted that I join them for a study in Calamata, Greece. The now late Andrew Schneider, a clairvoyant, was by far the highest consciousness being I've had the good fortune to meet. He was magnetic to the point that I, a self-study, and relying strictly on my intellectual faculties, felt threatened by the possibility of becoming his groupie. I told him on day one, "I am not a sheep" meaning, "I cannot be influenced or persuaded out of my will", to which he responded "Good. I am not a shepherd." with a childish smile on his face. What he meant was, "I have no intention to allow you to become my dependent. Pick up your own cross and follow me."


It was settled then. I was going to Calamata, Greece for a spiritual retreat.

The retreat theme was "The Odysseys' journey," reflecting our soul journey through life. We started at 7 am and rarely finished by 7 pm. Under Andrew's guidance, each participant observed their life journey from a soul perspective, attempting to realize the divine order in all through our limited human comprehension. Easier said than done. I, in particular, cried for seven days straight. I felt like the character of Christina in "Gray's Anatomy." I needed someone to sedate me!!! People could not use the bathroom because I would lock myself inside, embarrassed because I couldn't stop crying. As the retreat was in a secluded location, people had to go to a nearby village to buy extra tissue boxes for me. I was not traumatized, yet I couldn't stop crying. I would look at Andrew horrified with a "Make it stop!" plea in my eyes, but he would smile his beatific smile at me and continue his sessions.

On the last day, we had free time and the opportunity to talk to Andrew in a private session. I had only one question.


"Why could I not stop crying?"- I asked, wondering what happened to my ability to keep my composure regardless of the circumstance.

"You couldn't stop crying because you were not crying for yourself. You cried the tears of everybody in that room who couldn't cry for themselves; you felt their trauma as you own and washed it with your tears. You are incredibly intuitive, my dear", he said. "There is a perfect alignment between your Lower and Higher Consciousness, between Intellect and Intuition. You are a true healer, and you heal by intent, empathy, and compassion. It doesn't matter if you stand on your head, or lay hands, or do nothing. But be aware and learn to discriminate where you stop, and others begin, or it will kill you." You couldn't stop crying because they were not whole. You helped them heal. Thank you for being of service." Then he looked at me and said, "Abracadabra."

That took me by surprise. Was Andrew speaking childish magic spells on me??  Was he mocking me? I asked him to explain himself.

Now might be a good time to tell you that as a Vatican scholar, Andrew spoke nine languages, one of them, Aramaic, the language spoken by Christ. He said, " Abracadabra is not a childish spell. It is something that Jesus himself used to say a lot. Abracadabra bears a couple of meanings in Aramaic. It means " I create as I speak"; "I speak a blessing into physical existence"; and also, "It will pass as I speak." 

After nearly twenty years of studying Esoteric Psychology and Philosophy with him, Andrew passed away in 2011. I have learned so much from him, and his wisdom is branded in my mind forever.​ ABRACADABRA, "I create as I speak." When you wish for something, be specific, be very specific for as you wish, for you will receive. But maybe not in the form you expect it.

I live observing these principles. I am careful not to speak anything undefined into existence. If I have nothing good to say, I say nothing. And when I wish for something, before I energetically charge and propel my desire into manifestation, I think of it from all possible aspects, considering all outcomes. In the end, I usually find out that whatever it is, I don't desire it as much as I thought I did and choose to find my joy in what is, as it is., instead.


All is well.

I'm honored to share with you that Andrew left with knowledge with me for one reason only, to pass it forward. "ABRACADABRA is the first of many lessons I intend to teach as we reveal the mysteries together."

From love and light,

Mel S. Brooks

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