The Fractal That Is Your Life

A fractal is a never-ending pattern, created by repeating a simple code over and over. Fractals are dynamic systems driven by recursion.

Because a fractal does not obey any law other than its own pattern code, although beautiful, in the end, they create chaos.

Unless something disrupts or changes the fractal code, it will continue to repeat itself infinitely.


Are you stuck in a fractal?

Are you trying new things, meeting new people, starting new relationships, job, diet, or exercise but somehow you end up in the same place? Do you start each new year with a list of resolutions, only to default to your old self again, and get more of the "same old, same old?"

If that's the case, you are stuck in a fractal. You see, fractals never change, no matter how much time has elapsed since the fractal originated or the distance traveled in space from the point of origin. New conditions do not disrupt the pattern. The fractal pattern continues indefinitely unless something disrupts the code of the pattern.
Disrupting the code can not be done by faith, sheer motivation, ambition, personal will, perseverance, or commitment. You already tried that. The only way you can affect change is to decipher your code, by observing the pattern first, where it started and where it is headed, and then halt and replace it with a different one.

Fractals are controlled by algorithms, a perfect mathematical equation that is set to self-perpetuate, it keeps birthing itself over and over. Therefore the code for the fractal needs to change at the principle and not at the manifestation.

Physical expressions of fractals are seen in art, fern, trees, flowers, crop cycles, and cancer, in everything that grows. The fractal code will grow a new branch where you cut a branch and cancer keeps coming back despite surgery and chemotherapy. "Killing" the manifestation will not stop the code to evolve in another fractal. 


Addictions and obsessive-compulsive behaviors are psychosomatic manifestations of fractals. 

Addictions can be suppressed but they will resurface, and the patient will relapse if put in the same situation that triggered the addiction, aka reinstating the code and restoring the fractal. 

So, how do we stop fractals? How do we stop a Perpetuum Mobile?

That is a fascinating topic, indeed.

"I know you want me to accept what you are saying on faith because you believe in faith. But I believe in patterns and sequences, and this sequence doesn't end well unless something disturbs the pattern."


About one in a hundred cancer patients experience spontaneous remission. Their cancers disappear as suddenly as they occurred. Such cases are well documented, but the medical community has not offered a scientific explanation of how or why does this occurs. Why is that? Because at present there are no tools and measurements to collect empirical data for the effect of mind over matter.

Cancer survivors who recovered after spontaneous remission were either healed by a shaman or a priest or a healer; by prayer or by a miracle performed on their behalf by something or someone, whom they believed wholeheartedly had the power to heal them.

Others changed their outlook on life drastically. A lady who was depressed and unhappy in a marriage, laughed her cancer gone. A young man accepted Christ as his savior and got well by His Glory. They abandoned their old mindset, reset their thinking patterns, therefore changing the Life Algorithm and the manifestation of it changed accordingly because Form follows Function. It can't be any other way as this is the Law.

These patients were cured by the power of their own beliefs. Using math to explain disease can be a bit far-fetched for most but if you contemplate, if you comprehend this simple concept, that the form always follows function,  you can trigger your own healing mechanism. Find the cause and you will find the cure there.

How do you know if you are stuck in a fractal? Fractals are easily discernible.


Look for thoughts or actions that fail to change by the power of your will. They control you, and you have no control over them. Or you relocate to a new environment but find yourself stuck in the old situation. You are with a new partner, yet your relationship evolves suspiciously similar to your last two. Or you changed jobs because you lacked support or appreciation at the last place you worked, only to find out that you are yet again invisible at your new job. Or you are suffering from a chronic disease or seasonal or cyclic health discomfort. Or you believe that every day is the same and that your life is predictable and you expect predictable results.

If any of these are true, you are stuck in a fractal.


Your old code keeps growing and spreading to new territory. Branches spread to new heights and spaces, but they are still branches of the same apple tree and will end up growing apples and not oranges. No matter where you are, you will experience yourself and your environment the same.

Einstein said, " You can not solve a problem with the same mind that creates it."  He was right. If you want to change the fractal, you must wipe your software clean and write new code.

Hope this helps and I wish you to change the code and abandon the cancerous fractal.


Speedy recovery!

Mel S. Brooks

"If it breaks from the inside, life begins.

If it breaks from the outside, life ends."