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2020. Choices and Changes in Relationships

The Meaning of the Two of Pentacles in Tarot

Having to make a choice without external input. Unable to find security in relationships. Security must be sought and found within the Self first. As our personal and collective "reality" continues to polarize into extremes maintaining the status quo as we did until now, is no longer possible. Until 2020 when the scales were shaking, we would add or take from one scale and transfer to the other, continually juggling our priorities, orals, ethics, roles, and responsibilities. When treaties, partnerships, and relationships are not harmonious, your personal life becomes a balancing act between conditional peace and anxious anticipation of what will life throws at you next. A tremendous shift in social values is underway that will affect every aspect of our lives and the choices we make this year will affect our quality of life for the next 30 years. You cannot control the ocean but you can learn to steer your own ship.

Solar Eclipse

AUGUST 5,2020 - 5 PM Pacific Time

Our ships are sailing no matter who the captain is in 2020.


The pace of life before 2020 did not allow for deliberation, so the Quick Fix was King.  Just as a plate spinner at a circus, we would rush from one thing to the next, with little downtime in between. There was never time to look at the bigger picture. We were stuck on what is right in front of us.  It didn't matter what life you want. You had to focus on the life you have.

As of 2020, we will be forced to revisit the general administration of our life and our relationships.

There will be changes in management; we will close some "departments and services" we no longer need; we will furlough some people until further notice, and let go of others, keeping only those we deem essential if they see us in the same light.

 In this webinar, Mel Brooks will address,

  1. What love would look like in and after 2020?

  2. The shift in your relationship dynamics. Why you can fake "it" no more.

  3. The flip of personal interests. Have you ever miss someone you have never met.?

  4. Entering the age of authenticity vs ambiguity, new identities, and cold turkeys.

  5. How to search and find love in times of social distancing.  

  6. How to get to know a person you have never met.

  7. What to look for and how to read personalities online.

You will get a head start and leverage so you can make informed decisions, have realistic expectations, and, most important, plan for the future.  

After you sign, you will receive a link via email with the code to join the ZOOM webinar.

Get ready. Forewarned is fore-armed!

Mel Brooks

Solar Eclipse

The Two Of Pentacles


AUGUST 5,  2020 - 1 PM Pacific Time


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