Every journey needs navigation!

Our life journey has three scripts.


Our personality writes the story we usually identify with. It's the record of our thoughts, desires, and actions, and what resulted from them.


Then comes the Story of the Spirit, how the Universe is expressing its truth and its unity through us. The Spirit story underlines and sustains everything else we might be experiencing.


Finally, there is the Story of the Soul, the tale of how personality meets Spirit when an individual and the universal merge and manifest as One. This is the story of unfolding love.​

There are four aspects that coalesce in our Be-ing and determine our life experiences. These are

(1) The divine spark from the Source;

(2) The ego; the lower self, aka., the personality

(3) The Ego, or the Higher Self, aka., the soul;

(4) God, or "G.O.D,"  "the Grand Organized Design" - if you are an atheist - that created and creates all. When we take into consideration these aspects, we can understand the meaning of it all.


Today an unprecedented, ever-greater number of people are going through a soul crisis, manifesting as a loss of identity, a crisis of faith, depression, or apathy towards life, not knowing what it is about nor how to work through it. We are at the precipice of a monumental shift in social values, systems, existential philosophy, and government.  

The InstantlyWiser programs are for everyone who wants:

  1. A deep understanding of what life is all about

  2. To gain insight into why something is happening to them, to others, or to all

  3. To make sense of their issues, and problems

  4. To learn from life lessons and move on

  5. To understand the stages of growth

  6. To use the ascension in consciousness in a practical way

  7. To understand the connection between mind, body and soul, and health

  8. To understand human behavior and how to mitigate relationships

  9. To gain a clear sense of their purpose.

  10. To expand and embrace their true identity.

  11. To achieve peace of mind

Dubbed "the Fixer" by her celebrity clients Mel is known for her remarkable intuition, wisdom, and clairvoyance. Ms. Brooks is known for her method of problem-solving, which involves intuition, emotional intelligence, philosophy,  psychology, behavioral science, and medical knowledge.