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all profits go to


Hi guys,

Thank you for visiting our store. We are honored to have you!

As a synesthete, I perceive the world differently than most, in both its material and etheric form. Think of it in terms of the original design of the flower in its perfect geometry- that would be the etheric form, and the actual flower you pick from a grocery store, the material form. The latter will be close to its design but will bear the signs of its environment, perhaps not enough water or light to fully express its intended " perfect potential."   


From my perspective, office spaces and artificial light are the "biggest crimes" against humanity, isolating us from the splendid marvel of God's incredible creation, so I hit the road with my camera every opportunity I have. I am not a professional photographer, but I definitely have the Eye that beholds beauty when I see it. It is not what you are looking for but how you see it.

We create this store to put my photographs to good use. All the profits of the store sales go to benefit UNESCO providing necessities to children in war-ridden countries.

I hope something will catch your eye as well! We can make a difference t!

Love and light


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