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Mel's insight is phenomenal. A session with Mel will give you the clarity, answers, and the blueprint to make the right move about anyone or anything in your life. 

Chose the topic of your pressing concern from the list below. Mel will need to see at least one headshot without glasses or a hat. For health-related intuitive readings, Mel will need to see a full-body picture.  Do not send your questions or concerns via email and do not disclose any personal information. Mel will  "see" enough about you from your pictures and will answer your questions directly. Each session is an hour-long.


Mel's predictions for 2021 are not open to the public and password protected. Email us to request a password to view this page.

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Quantum relationships

Wondering where your relationship is headed? Send recent good quality headshots of yourself and your person of interest without hats or sunglasses after you book your consult to A person of interest is not always a lover or a partner. IT could be a child, parent, friend, relative, et. Mel will address how are you compatible and why or not based on your constitution, personality, life paths, and personal, often obscured desires. We will contact you with your reading details. Most readings are conducted via video conferencing.


Soul Journey & Desnity

Book this reading if you feel stuck and uncertain about the direction of your life. Some of the topics we cover in this reading are choice of college major, change of employment, what professions are you best suited for, location, relocation, your gift, inclinations, and talents even if they are not developed or obvious yet, or simply what are you destined for, what is your inner " code." Think of it this way, an acorn is destined to become an oak tree but it has to find the best environment to grow and thrive.

Sacred Sisterhood

Until recently women enjoyed a  sacred bond that helped them in every situation. We exchanged tips, wisdom, know-how, knowledge, support, guidance, and defended and ensured each other well-being and safety. Today the art of the Femme and its incredible power and resources are lost and replaced with superficial relationships. Book this consult if you have any concerns related to being a woman or having a female body.


Life Path Check-Up

Is your life a string of unfortunate events? There might be a reason for it that is not directly related to your choices or actions. Life manifestation is only the tip of the iceberg, but the forces, responsible for it are obscured 


Clairvoyant sessions

Have you been losing sleep over something? If you are perplexed, confused, or simply failing to make sense of a situation, this is the reading you want to book. Talk to Mel about it and she will be able to give you the clarity, guidance, and the best solution for your predicament.

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Stock Market Predictions

Mel S Brooks is very well known in financial circles as the only person who accurately picks a winner and predicts the winning trends. Book a consult and discuss your goals. If you decide to engage her services to help you grow your portfolio, a separate contract must be signed between the parties.


Psychic Intelligence

Have you had premonitions, seen omens, had dreams or aha moment but you can not translate the event into a piece of meaningful, tangible information? God definitely works in mysterious ways but there is a fine link between the conscious and the unconscious mind that can be used as a medium for translation. There is no more profound experience than God speaking directly to you, answering your dreams and prayers, only we often let got in translation. Book this consult if you need a medium.


Medical Intuitive Check-Ups

If you are not feeling well and you are not improving despite the medical care or the life changes you have adapted to improve your health, please, don't delay and talk to Mel. Mel has helped many people with early diagnosis, thus giving them time and leverage against the disease. She will suggest what to discuss with your physician and where to direct their attention. Book now!

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What's Coming Next

At the beginning of every new year, Mel shares her predictions of what is coming next. Today is hard to stand on the side of the truth, and even harder to inform others. But forewarned is fore-armed. If you like some leverage to help you get prepared and to make informed decisions about your life under the circumstances, book this appointment.