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Which Spirit Ray Am I?

What is the divine theme of "You". What Spirit is meant to do.

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Service Description

Your Ray of Light navigates your (1) free will, (2) your personality, (4) your wellbeing. Your Spirit is one of the Seven Rays or the "Seven Rishis" that come forth from the Source. Your Ray is the First Principle of "You "encoded in the Akashic records. It controls your appearance, your temper, your character, your likes and dislikes, life challenges, health condition, your company, and your choices. You embody and manifest the qualities of your Ray in the field of human activity where you resonate best. The Seven Ray Lords govern the expression of everything in the visible Cosmos. We recognize the Seven Rays as seven frequencies or colors, sounds, temperaments, and bodies. Your Ray is the predetermined sum of Principles that govern "You" in the Akashic records. A Ray can only function efficiently and productively at his "home of purpose." Each of the Seven Rays has visible and invisible energy or higher and lower self, and both will express during your life journey as your Light or your Shadow. Knowing your Rays' personifications will help you find the frequencies where do you "vibe" the best , where you would be the most lucky, what maintains your health, what relationships you will be offered to you, and where you can achieve the most with the least effort. Book now.

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