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What Is My Life's Purpose?

What is your purpose in this lifetime and how to fulfill it.

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Service Description

Do you feel like you are walking through life aimlessly? Do you feel like life is happening to you, like being carried by tides you have no control over? If you answered yes, your life purpose has been obscured from you either by your childhood conditioning, societal concepts or fears. Don't waste a minute more drifting, lost in a lifetime of ambiguity! Find out what the assignment of your life is! What is your Life's purpose? Your life purpose is defined by(1) your Spirit Ray, (2) Your Soul Agenda, and (3) the conscious evolution of the humanity. Everyone, without exceptions have their purpose assigned upon each reincarnation. Your purpose is the service to humanity you are best suited for, and most congruent with your Ray's divine gifts. Our life is controlled by the rhythmical cycles of Soul agendas and personality assignments to provide the most fulfilling life experience. The Soul and Personality cycles differ, so the challenge for us is to align the urges of the Soul with the desires of the personality. This can be done if you use navigation and apply your Free Will. Depending of which cycle is dominates your life at the moment will determine if your life's purpose is supported or challenged when the Soul's cycle clashes with the present cycle of the personality. Your Akashic records show which challenges to accept and satisfy, and which desires are supported. These records reveal your life's purpose. In addition how your Ray's light intermingles with the ray qualities of others will either create a perfect symphony, manifesting in a lucky stream of synchronicity or soul-crushing cacophony. Your entanglements with other can either lead your Spirit to profound achievements of imprison you in someone's else journey where you have no purpose, and can not fulfill yours under these circumstances. Understanding the symphony of entanglements that controls your life, choices, and actions, as they unfold in your Soul and Personality Cycles, will determine the quality of your experience and whether you will achieve your life's purpose on your present path or if you need to detour. Book now.

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