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What is My Destiny?

Your destiny according to the Akashic records. Karma & Dharma.

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Depression, feeling numb, feeling lost, lack of joy and zest for life are direct results of not knowing your destiny. Your Soul is longing to express itself in every thought, feeling and action. In every step and breath you take your Soul is yearning to manifest itself to make you realize what an absolutely magnificent masterpiece of creation you are, capable of magic and miracles just like the Source you come forth from until you are filled with joy so big its impossible to contain! Your Soul is a spark of the Divine, composed of the(1) Spiritual Will,(2) Love, and(3) Light/intellectual activity. It observes the manifestations of your Spirit and the fulfilment of your life's purpose. When the impersonal human Soul casts itself into a form, it creates a threefold personality, the Personal Will, the Personal Love, and the Personal Activity. These aspects together control your karma and dharma .Righting the wrongs and leave something better than in the condition you found it is everyone's divine obligation and life of enlightened service. As our consciousness expands through the different life phases, we experience our personality before becoming soul-conscious. Integrating the personality with the Soul is referred to as building the bridge or the "Channel of Light." This is best observed and expressed in our relationships with others, as it is with others that we create and evolve in consciousness. Like a song composed of different frequencies, your Soul is the conductor of your mood, the theme song of your life experience in connections to others. Your Soul controls your destiny, what you will experience next , and will point to where your specific gifts are needed the most. Simply put, you are destined to experience exactly what will make your life most meaningful, happy and gracious. Decoding your Soul's Destiny assists you in choosing the fastest path to fulfill it, the right company to do it with, the most harmonious relationships, and the right circumstances where you can receive your divine blessings and miracles. Book now.

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