Before Booking Your Session

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  • Mel gives you clarity. She does not speak in uncertain terms.

  • Mel does not emote, commiserate or say what you want to hear. It is in your best interest to hear the truth.

  • Mel will predict the outcome if you continue on the path you are on and will offer you advice if you want a different outcome.

  • Mel S. Brooks is better defined as a "source-ress," a person whose knowledge comes directly from the source. 


What Clients Say

"Mel cares deeply about people because she feels exactly what they feel. She will read you or your person of interest like an open book. Nothing can be hidden from her clear vision, it is futile to even try.  Most people will find that shocking as nobody comes even close to the clarity of her perception. Talking to Mel will shake the foundation of your beliefs if you are skeptical about extraordinarily 

gifted people because you are just about to meet one. 

Debby J. Stoneheimer


Mel places the utmost value on honesty but she is never judgemental. She is very direct herself. Being brutally honest is a necessity for a surgeon or healing can not take place. Mel's purpose and personal intention are to transform lives. It sounds like such a pleasant thing when you hear a life coach talk about changes they help their clients make. But Mel is fighting to give you more. She’s like a lion roaring. Fixing a person is not easy or pleasant and may not result in any gratitude. That takes a warrior."

Denise Kotula


L.A. Times / Seattle Times

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philosophical counseling with Mel S Brooks.png